Thursday, May 30, 2013

Truthful Tales: Exploring Non-Fiction

In Truthful Tales: Exploring Non-Fiction, CWAtC will be exploring new non-fiction each month that contains a 5th Thursday. Writers will rotate, so expect a wide variety of non-fiction reviews! For May, Book-tator Jeane, reviews My Friend Dahmer by Derf Backderf. Enjoy!

Written by an author who was a friend of and went to high school with Jeffrey Dahmer, My Friend Dahmer is a graphic novel about the infamous, cannibalistic serial killer. Interestingly, Derf Backderf tries to present a humanistic side to Dahmer. Backderf does an excellent job of showing how the murderer inside Dahmer could have been subdued had he received the help he needed during his troubled teenage years. 

My Friend Dahmer is well-written and super creepy. It freaked me out in parts and made me a little sad for Dahmer when I learned what he went through.  


Library Bag: I believe My Friend Dahmer would be great people who already enjoy graphic novels, those who enjoy crime or true crime stories, and might even be fun for reluctant readers. In addition, I think some people might enjoy this graphic novel as a first-time experience in the graphic novel world because it gives an insider perspective of a world that most of us, thank goodness, will never experience. And, it is an illustrated format! How cool is that?!?

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