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Tomes For Tots Chapter 3

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Hello and welcome to Chapter 3 of Tomes for Tots in which I chronicle my efforts to start a book club for my 4 year old son and other children in his age group. As last discussed, my challenge was in getting people together to actually start up the club.

I am happy to report that since then, it has been a little easier in getting parents willing to share in a book discussion with their children or grandchildren. I still had the contact information of some of the parents from a Circle Time class my husband and I would attend when my son was an infant. Two parents responded saying they would be happy to join, depending on the date. My mother-in-law has also helped in asking her grandparent friends to join in and has a tentative commitment from 2-3 of them. So far, the number of children would equal 7 to 8 total which is actually a little more than the amount I imagined we would have, which is more than fine with me.

My next step was in obtaining a venue in which to actually host the book discussion. Since it will most likely be followed by a short craft and snack, I needed a place that would be understanding to this. My goal was to get a library room so that it isn't just neutral, but also conducive to discussing books. After all, I wanted it to have a book club feel to it.

I called my mother-in-law's library and my own to see if either would allow us to use a room. Her library said it was ok to use a certain room as long as the it isn't already wasn't being used of course. My own library will at most allow us to use their park when not holding an event, which is across their parking lot and actually very beautiful. Their inside rooms are currently under renovation and they are not even able to host their own usual events. 

I have a small group of people now in place and just need to finalize the venue and date for sure. I am happy to see that Tomes for Tots is coming along nicely.

The concept of a book club for preschoolers started as an idea for me a few months ago, and this is great to see this club finally coming together now. My son is looking forward to spending time with other children, which is especially important since school is almost finished for the year, and I really think this is something he will very much enjoy.

All I really need to do now is to decide what book to read together and a craft or snack that coincides with the theme of the book. Thinking up of this will actually be most enjoyable.

Next article I will report to you how our discussion goes! Feel free to leave comments, ideas, or feedback below.

Thank you for reading through this journey with me.

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