Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Book Association

Last week we linked our book selection Solaris with George Clooney movie adaptations that were previously books (for the silly factor). This time let's link up Solaris with other books that classic science fiction tales. 

After a war kills millions and brings some species to extinction, it becomes a status symbol to own animals. If you can't afford that, there's always an android cat that will never barf in your shoes. 

After Griffin creates a tonic that renders him invisible, he begins to slip into madness. Probably from the lack of ladies locker rooms in the late 1800's in which to utilize his newfound attribute. 

What's a sci-fi list without some aliens? In 1999 a group of scientists uncover a message from seemingly intelligent life and travel into deep space to meet the unknown beings.

Since the list can't go on forever, what are some of your favorite classic science fiction tales?

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