Our Story

It was a dark and stormy- Not really, it was probably a nice enough day on Beale AFB, CA where Jeane and Karena met. After joining the library's book club and finding out they had something in common (they were book geeks), they became fast friends. Things got virtual when both of their husbands left the military and were forced to relocate. Lucky for Jeane and Karena, one landed in Santa Cruz (Karena) and the other in Monterey (Jeane). They founded a Facebook group where they bribed and cajoled family and friends into joining and that evolved into what is now the Classics Without All the Class on Goodreads and the podcast of the same name. March 2013 Jared joined to bring the male POV to the podcast. Angie and Laura round out our team as Shelftator and Gametator.

CWAtC aims to bring the classics to the readers, to make them a little less intimidating. We like to bring people together from all over the world to talk about books and get different perspectives. We created the blog to share our literary interests and sometimes not so literary. We hope you come along for our journey as we have some great plans in our future!

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