Sunday, May 26, 2013

LitStarter: Bringing You the Best in Bookish Projects

Welcome to another installment of LitStarter! This is a regular look at some of my favorite projects I discovered through two popular crowd funding websites: Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The featured projects will be related to literature and comics, but not limited to publishing or writing projects.

The project featured this week is Comics With A Cause: Speaking Up On Violence Against Women! A small, but mighty team of activists in Vancouver, Canada want to spread awareness about -- and ultimately end -- violence against women. They want achieve this goal by creating a series of three comics books entitled BRANDED and make them available for free online to everyone. Their Indiegogo campaign aims at funding the first comic in the series. They're asking for $15,000 in order to pencil, ink, letter, color, research, and publish the comic. The team behind Comics With A Cause wants to make their message accessible to everyone, which is their reason for the choice of comic book format.

Here at Classics Without All the Class, we are all about making reading accessible to everyone and we think comics are a great way to do that. We are also a team of female writers (with the exception of Karena's husband and our Tech-tator, Jared). At some point, one -- or all -- of us have experienced violence against women ourselves or know a loved one or friend who has been affected by it. While the thought of eradicating it seems insurmountable, it can become a reality. Projects like Comics With A Cause are working toward that reality by educating others and bringing positive attention to the survivors, rather than the perpetrators, of assault.

Please consider backing this project. Help take step toward creating a better, safer future for all women. 

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