Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Book Association

Turns out the latest Young Adult books do not own the rights to literary love triangles. Anna Karenina laid claim to it long before Peeta, Katniss, and Gale were in amorous angst. The following conflicted couples (triouples?) also not only did it first, they did it better. 

Here are some others.

A Midsummer Night's Dream - Everyone: This one is rife with twisted relationships, thanks to Puck and his magical goof. Who doesn't love watching Titania fawn over donkey-headed Nick Bottom?

The Great Gatsby - Gatsby/Daisy/Tom: Tom and Daisy are married, Daisy and Gatsby are old flames, and Tom's not too fond of Gatsby for obvious reasons. This one was doomed from the start.

Les Misérables - Cosette/Marius/Éponine: Pre "Team Jacob/Team Edward", there was "Team Cosette/Team Éponine." This one is a bit more dramatic than the vampire/werewolf feud.

What other classic non YA love triangles can you name? 


Beth said...

What about Gone With the Wind? That might be more of two overlapping love triangles: Scarlett/Ashley/Melanie, Scarlett/Rhett/Ashley. (Or is that a love parallelogram?)

Laura Hoffman said...

Phantom of the Opera has a great literary live triangle with Christine, Rauol and The Phantom.

Karena Fagan said...

Both of those actually came up during my research! Glad you guys caught them!

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