Monday, April 29, 2013

Literary Loot

After a busy day of errands I decided to treat myself to a few books. I had to pick up Beautiful Ruins from Bookshop Santa Cruz where the author, Jess Walters, had visited last week and held a book signing. I wasn't able to go, so I had to order mine online. After picking up my book, it was off to the Santa Cruz Public Library. I was hoping to pick up a copy of Solaris for June's book pick. Alas, I didn't find it, but I did find a few other gems, including Night, which is a favorite of mine that I used to have a copy of, but have misplaced in over ten years of military moves. Another find that I was excited about was The Princess Bride. The movie is one of my husband's favorites so I thought the book would be a nice gift for him.
Source: Karena Fagan
I also picked up Geek Love which our ShelfTator Angie enjoyed recently. I'd also heard good things about Becoming Madame Mao and I'd read Min's Empress Orchid years ago and thought it was interesting. I was hoping to pick up The Joy Luck Club so I could re-read it, but walked away with The Hundred Secret Senses which I hadn't read so I was equally thrilled. I also found The Kitchen House which is about the plight of an Irish indentured servant in the South and sounded interesting.
And no literary loot trip is complete without a few classics. I picked up Vanity Fair and Cannery Row, neither of which I've read yet, but are bound to come up in our book polls for CWAtC. 

Did you pick up any literary loot this weekend? 

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