Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Tator Tuesdays

Every week we interview our Tators and ask them bookish questions.  This week's question:

Who do you credit for your love of reading?


My dad


There are two people, really. My mother and her father -- my grandfather. I credit my mother because, as a child, not only did she read a lot, but there was a bookshelf in her old room at my grandparent’s house. Many summers were spent perusing her old bookshelf and reading the books that she read growing up. I also credit my grandfather because he was a prolific reader despite the fact he could see out of only one eye. He read almost primarily nonfiction books -- a good portion of them about the Pacific theatre of World War II, where he fought.


I don’t have a love of reading, but I don’t hate it. I enjoy reading. I don’t credit it to one person, but three. My parents are two, and my senior year English teacher.


My mom and Cam Jansen


My mother. She took us to the library constantly. I think it backfired on her though when by the time we had arrived back home from the library I had already read all the books I'd picked out. She told me "If you read, the world is yours" and it's been so true for me.


My parents. They both love to read, and growing up, they gave me much praise and encouragement in terms of my reading abilities.

Source: Jared Fagan

Who do you credit for your love of all things literary?


Kaitlyn said...

My love of reading didn't hit me until my senior year of high school. My AP Lit teacher was such an awesome teacher. He really encouraged students to read, listen to lots of music, watch lots of movies, and basically explore the world and all it has to offer.

He opened me up to poetry and books, and in college, I became even more enthralled with reading and literature.

Angie Downs said...

I'm always glad to hear of positive experiences with teachers. Too often we hear the negative experiences! Yay for your AP teacher! :)

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