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Welcome to Mom Says/Kid Says where we take a journey around the world with My Father Flies by Jennifer Ginn. The book chronicles a boy whose father travels around the world for his job. The 32 page book is not just an adorable story about a son's relationship with his father, but educational as well. The reader sees the world from the child's perspective as he receives postcards, shown in illustrations, from his father throughout his worldly travels. We see bits of information about each part of the world the father travels, such as a proper greeting in French is "bonjour."  We also see maps of the countries the father has visited. I enjoyed the pictures and details contained therein, such as the little boy's room which has cars, crayons, and even a Batman doll, which my son also has.

Mom Says
This is a well written and well illustrated book that is as much a story of a boy missing and living vicariously through his father's travels for business, as it is an educational book teaching about the different cultures of the world. I like how the book does not talk down to the reader. The vocabulary used is at a first grader, if not higher, level. Still, it is a great way to teach a younger child advanced concepts through discussion. I would recommend this book to any child 4 and up as well as advanced readers.  

Kid Says
Sammy was looking forward to reading this book with us for days until we received our copy from He would ask for it by name and was disappointed when it wasn't available at first. Once we did receive it and read through it, he enjoyed it. He related to the little boy, as he had the same toys and interests.  He also enjoyed the rhyming scheme of the story. The details of the illustrations caught his eye. Since Sammy is 4 years old, he did lose some interest toward the end as this book is a little longer than his normal readings. I look forward to re-reading it to him in the future.  

Bookshelf.  Because it is educational and fun, I recommend it be placed on your bookshelf. My favorite part of the book was the final lines. "But of all the countries he's been to and all the places he's gone to see, my dad says his most favorite spot is back home here with me."

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