Monday, April 22, 2013

SF Bookmobile

I missed Bookmobile Day, but better late than never!

Buried in my phone's photo album are some pictures from when my family and I went to the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco for one of their quarterly free days. (Hint: if you want to do that, go either really early or wait til the line dies down in the afternoon.) The SF library's bookmobile was parked outside, and I thought I'd go in and take a look. I was pretty impressed with it, but a little sad that I don't live in the area. The librarian who was staffing the bookmobile said they show up whenever CAS does these free days, so check the CAS website for future dates. Right across the courtyard is the de Young Museum as well; so get your literature, art and science all in the same place.

You can find more information on SF's bookmobiles here.

source: Karena Fagan

Source: Karena Fagan

Source: Karena Fagan

Source: Karena Fagan
Do you have an awesome bookmobile in your area?

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