Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday @ the Forums

For our last Friday of April, here are the most popular threads on the forums.
Source: Jared Fagan

Brave New World Threads - We are almost done with BNW, now's your chance to get on the forums and tell us what you think.

CWAtC Catch Up and Mustard Challenge - New to the group and missed out on our previous reads? Gametator Laura has just the challenge for you. Sign up here for the buddy reads that are going on.

Formative Reading - Frederick, one of our CWAtCers, wants to know what books of your youth has helped shaped your life. 

July's book pick - We're running out of time to pick July's book. The Phantom of the Opera is in the lead, but The Scarlet Letter isn't that far behind. 

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