Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Meet-a-Tator Tuesday: Jared

Part two of our Meet-a-Tator Tuesday. Last week we met Laura, our Gametator and this week we'll meet our newest host, Techtator and resident token guy. Jared is in charge of all things technical (hence the name), from making sure the sites look good to setting up the podcast for posting to making sure the rest of the Tators know how to load things onto the Google Drive. 


Title: Tech-Tator, Podcast Host

Fave books/authors/genre: Non-Fiction, Malcom Gladwell, Ayn Rand

IMPACT BOOK: Atlas Shrugged

Tell us about yourself: I have an eclectic background and have gone from being a Landscaper, Air Force Aerospace Mechanic, UAV Imagery Analyst, and now I find myself working with 3D Mapping software. What I read might be boring to some, but if I have time to read a book I like gaining some insight on a topic I am unfamiliar with.

Twitter/Facebook/etc: @Jared_Fagan

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