Monday, July 8, 2013

Words Words Everywhere and Not a Book to Read

This doesn't happen very often to me...I'm between books, and I have no idea where I want to go next. It's not like I don't have anything to read. Those days are long gone. I had those days, pre-Kindle and when I was in a safe place where I only read mystery novels and paranormal romance. Those days are long past, thanks to the aforementioned Kindle and its free or cheap books, my obligation to this blog to review books, and the monthly selections for the CWAtC book group.
Source: Jared Fagan
To be fair, I do have a few review books I could read, but none of them are really sparking the interest at the moment. We pick our CWATC books 3 months ahead of time, and even with that, I am ahead because I got some wild hair to finish them all this week. Two of them I've read recently, so no need to pick up again anytime soon (Fahrenheit 451), and with The Handmaid's Tale winning for September, I'm clear there as well.

I can't even narrow it down to a genre at the moment. A few months ago I was in a slump. I just couldn't get interested in a book to save my life. It wasn't the fault of my literary friends; it was me. I just had a hard time getting started. The thing that pushed me out of it? A reread of one of my more contemporary favorites, The Night Circus. This time, I'm not so sure that would be the case. Plus, I have too many books I want to read for the first time to waste time on a book I've already read, and none come to mind on a "I need to revisit that world/character/whatever" basis.

I honestly used my Filemaker database of all my books and fed the numbers into to find some suggestions. That was less than satisfying and almost embarrassingly geeky. I was able to narrow it down and say, "I'm only reading books I own." That's not so hard if you've paid attention to my Literary Loot posts. I have a lot to read.

My question, I pose to you, Dear Readers, is how do you determine the priority on your TBR pile (whether it's digital or physical or even auditory)?

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