Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday @ the Forums

It's that time of the week where we look at what's going on in our Goodreads forums. I bet a lot of you had some old threads come up on your notifications a few days ago. I found out that happens when a person leaves Goodreads and/or the group. So no glitch on Goodreads or CWAtC's end. That being said,  let's move on to some forum news.
Source: Jared Fagan

August's book poll: Get your votes in! Just maybe one of the others can overtake Fahrenheit 451!

September's book poll: We're running this concurrently with August's at least for a week. Due to CWAtC turning 1 in June we are doing something special and letting the Tators pick the selections for the poll. They all look fabulous and hopefully you guys feel the same.

Anna Karenina: It's also the last week we'll be actively discussing Anna (we'll keep the threads open though!). So get your reviews up!

Book suggestions: Want to suggest a book for us to read? Here's the place. Note: please double check our guidelines and the bookshelf to make sure we don't have it! Say hi to our ShelfTator Angie while you're there!

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