Monday, April 15, 2013

Ep #10 Shakespeare and San Francisco

Source: Brandon Ess

The Tators give the details on Shelftator Angie's The Year of the Gadfly project. Jared and Karena give  a heads up on the new tv show Hannibal, then the gang shares where their bookmarks are. The Tators get together with Heather, a CWAtCer in San Francisco during their bookstore tour. Then they share their favorite poetry for National Poetry Month and share some Shakespearian insults in celebration of the Bard's birthday. The Top 10 Best Feuds in Literature wraps it all up.

Where's my Bookmark and other books we mention:

The Websites we mention:


Angie Downs said...

Loving the Shakespeare insults! :)

Robert Owens said...

I do went to ebooks to avoid this kind of mess:

I desire to be a minimalist; my family has other desires. :)

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