Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Literary Links: March 5th Edition

The next best thing to reading a book.
File:Hamlet, Shakespeare, 1676 - 0001.jpg
Public Domain

7 Book Dedications that Basically Said "Screw You" - Along the same lines as be nice to me or I'll kill you off in my next novel. 

Gearing up for World Read Aloud Day - An event we can all get involved in. 

11 Books That Make Great Dates - Hmm who to cuddle up with on a Saturday night? Hamlet or Breakfast at Tiffany's?

Overcoming the Odds: Student learned English by playing video games - Close to my heart as I live in Santa Cruz, but what an amazing story. 

How to Dump a Reading Slump - I'm trying the third step in this as we speak, reading A Modern Witch before jumping back into the classics on my list.

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