Monday, March 4, 2013

Ep #7 Life of Pi

Ep #7 Life of Pi 

This episode finds our fearless Booktators, Karena and Jeane, welcoming a third host to the podcast, our Techtator, Jared, who promises to add some nonfiction viewpoints and male perspective to the show. We'll see if he can deliver. Gametator Laura has a new game on the forums and we clear up how book selections are made after some forum shenanigans. We delved into Life of Pi by Yann Martel, but not before Karena finally tackles the elusive New Adult category and Jared shares the pros of bibliophiles using Bento. We wrap up the podcast by announcing May's book selection and set up June's choices. 

Where's my bookmark and other books we mention:

Books we didn't mention, but wanted to (examples for the New Adult category)

Websites we mention: 


A M Downs said...

I am officially uninterested in "New Adult" fiction.

Karena Fagan said...

Angie, I could have gone on for hours about that category. In fact I probably did and they cut it down. *wink*

Jessica Bruce said...

I think it is interesting. While I am 30 years old, I still read some young adult novels (note: I am very picky so as not to pick up something like Twilight). I am thankful Goodreads exists in this case because I won't read it unless someone from CWATC has read it, lol. Anyway, some of the ones I have picked up strike me as more of these coming of age novels and not young adult. Some of them even involve teens but the book isn't covering them...but their coping with a life lesson. Does that make sense?

I am glad this new genre is coming out. But I am also a HUGE fan of Girls/ Tiny Furniture. I like the coming of age and self-discovery those stories can bring to light.

Ryan Kenward said...

I don't see a download link :(

Karena Fagan said...

It's the orange Ep #7 Life of Pi in the body of the post. :)

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