Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Book Association: Sherlock Holmes - Part 4

In our last week of Sherlock-themed Book Association, we're looking at Victorian mystery novels.

The MoonstoneThe Moonstone - Romance, theft, murder? Sounds like a great time in Victorian England. Oh, and there are jugglers? I'm in twice!

Lady Audley's SecretLady Audley's Secret - Braddon was Wilkie Collins's rival in the art of the sensation novel. And her heroine in this novel, Lady Audley, was no slouch either: a protest against the usual heroines of the era.   

The Mystery of Edwin DroodThe Mystery of Edwin Drood - Dickens died before completing this novel about a man who goes missing, mysteriously (does anyone go missing, non mysteriously?), leaving readers to finish the story themselves.

The Eustace DiamondsThe Eustace Diamonds - The third book of the Palliser series, Lizzie comes into possession of a diamond necklace of great worth that everyone wants her to get rid of and she goes to great lengths to keep.   

Next week we start our month of Brave New World Book Associations, as well as a special Shakespeare week!

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