Friday, February 15, 2013

Fridays @ the Forums

Our weekly round up of some interesting going-ons around the CWAtC forums.

  • Bonding Over Books - Some of our CWAtC'ers are teaming up to read a series or two. Hop over there and see if any sound interesting or start your own.

  • Short and Sweet - Our Gametator, Laura, and I got talking about classics you can finish in one sitting. This led to a thread and making a new tag on our shelves. 

  • Monster Reads - The opposite of short is long, so we had to also include a thread and tag for the epic books. There are a few doozies out there. 
  • I Quit! - When is it okay to quit a book? Do you ever feel remorse?

  • May Book Poll - For May's book we're going to the cinema for classic books that have recently (or in the near future) been turned into movies. 

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