Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Book Association: Life of Pi - Part 2

So last week, CWAtC'ers, in keeping with this month's book selection Life of Pi, we chose some books that had animals either stealing the show (or the farm like in Animal Farm) or being man's best friend (Call of the Wild). This week we are tackling books of a nautical nature. For form I'm mentioning Moby Dick gets an honorable mention here. Enjoy!

The Old Man and the Sea

This one is probably a gimme, but I had to put in there or risk complaints from marlin-lovin' fishermen. 

Treasure Island
What list is complete without the tale of Jim Hawkins and Long John Silver? PIRATES!

The Shipping News

This one might be a bit more subtle as it takes place in a coastal town where the main character, Quoyle, tries to rebuild his life. 

The Odyssey

      The Odyssey 
Homer's epic tale about the world's first "road"trip is a must whe
n talking about the sea.

Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

The Nautilus awaits to carry you off for exploration and revenge. 

Next week we'll link Life of Pi to books set in India. What do you think will be on the list?

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