Monday, July 29, 2013


Welcome to another installment of LitStarter! This is a regular look at some of my favorite projects I discovered through two popular crowd funding websites: Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The featured projects will be related to literature and comics, but not limited to publishing or writing projects.

Book lovers: this project was made for us -- we need this.

California Bookstore Day
is scheduled for Saturday, May 3, 2014. It will be similar to 
Record Store Day in the sense that it will be centered around independent stores selling limited-edition items in an effort to support local businesses and artists. California Bookstore Day will start with over 100 independent book sellers in the state offering more than just signed books. They're planning to sell collector's items, t-shirts, bookish art, and more -- items only available on California Bookstore Day.
"But I don't live in California -- why do I care?"
While this project will begin in California, the creators hope to expand Bookstore Day to include all 50 states by 2015. By helping to fund their first effort, you're helping to set the project up for success when it comes to a city near you. You're also bringing the spotlight to independent bookstores that desperately need your support.
California Bookstore Day is asking for $30,00 so they can hire a coordinator to bring the project to life. The coordinator will be responsible for creating a website, handling publisher submissions, and managing the marketing campaign.
All perks include a "thank you" on the website. Rewards begin at $25 with a bumper sticker. Higher tiers include gift cards to the indie bookstore of your choice, a book bag, and books!
Let's show our love of all things bookish and our support of independent book sellers and back California Bookstore Day!

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