Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Literary Links: March 20th Edition

The next best thing to reading an actual book.

When a Book Changes Your Life: When reading a book, there really is nothing better than an experience like this.

Heroines: From Zelda Fitzgerald to Jean Rhys: How did/do women, like Zelda Fitgerald and Sylvia Plath, write? What were their obstacles? I think I just found my Women's History Month book! This sounds so amazing!

The Future of the Book Shouldn’t be Skeuomorphic: With the growing demand of ebooks and growing supply of ereaders and tablets, what is the future of the book? Interactive experiences for readers may be in the near future for the ebook!

School Principal Kisses Pig As Students Reach Reading GoalsWell, that's one way to encourage reading to elementary school students!

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